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Technology to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase sales
SaaS based Integrated Transport & Fleet Solution for your business

  • Here are some of the ways WebXpress helps you manage your costs
    • Auomated Credit Control checks to ensure timely collection from customers
    • Mobile based bidding solution to get best quotation from brokers and transporters
    • Make driver payments based on standard cost for various heads for a route
  • WebXpress helps you improve efficiency of your resources
    • Optimize capacity utilization of vehicles, reduce cooling time of consignments, ensure zero stock 
    • Use Mobile Application for real time entry of dockets, delivery and vehicle arrivals
  • WebXpress helps you protect revenue and increase sales
    • Never miss a placement- use Mobile App to book inquiries and track vehicle placements
    • Ensure timely renewal of contracts, application of fuel surcharges and volumetric rates to get optimum revenue

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